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Shooting With Long Lens.

Sun Jul 27, 2003 9:03 pm

I just got my 75-300mm ED D f/4-5.6 Nikon lens.

So, except for the shaking that comes with maximum "length" (I can't think of a proper word right now), is there anything more I should look out for and be careful about?

Please recommend some useful settings.
Since I'm a Nikon user I'd also welcome tips from the non-Nikon people.

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Shooting With Long Lens.

Sun Jul 27, 2003 9:43 pm

Focal length is the word I guess you mean. Try to set a shutter speed no
slower than the focal length on which you photograph. That is a 300/s for 300mm. When you take the photo squeeze the shutter release button, don't
push it. When you follow an aircraft through the view finder of your camera
try to stand steady with your feet a little a part and just move your upper
body. When you have taken your photo continue the panorama motion.
Try to set the camera on 'P' for program setting. Most Nikon cameras
expose very accurate. I'm a Canon user myself with lots of respect for Nikon.
Best regards
Anders Nilsson

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