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PrimeFilm 1800 AFL And Vuescan

Tue Aug 05, 2003 12:45 pm

Hi guys,

Just wondering if any else out there used the PrimeFilm 1800AFL scanner- are you able to use it with Vuescan? The latest version of Vuescan claims to be compatible with all PrimeFilm products including the 1800 AFL but it says you must download the CyberView X driver from unfortunately there is no such driver for the 1800AFL for PC. PrimeFilm is full of crap, theres no support at all on their page except for a cheasy ass poor excuse for a message board. If anyone out there is even close to considering a PrimeFilm/Microtek product, do not buy it! Go for a Scan Dual III or something instead (which I will be getting once I get things sorted out after moving).

Thanks for any help,

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