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Good Spots (FRA, NCE, VCE)

Mon Aug 18, 2003 7:47 pm

I'm going to be getting my own 10D at the end of the month from Park Cameras.

I have 1 day's annual leave due before the end of September and I have decided to go to either Frankfurt, Nice, or Venice (Marco Polo) to spend the day taking pictures at the airports and also a bit of sghtseeing in the relevant town/city center.

Can anyone recommend good locations for taking photos in any of the three airports.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Good Spots (FRA, NCE, VCE)

Tue Aug 19, 2003 3:13 am

I've never been to FRA and VCE, but I can tell you that at NCE it's pretty hard to take pictures. I walked all along the fence to try and find a spot but I found nothing, and you can't shoot through the fence. What you could do if you have a long lens is go east of the airport on the shore to get some shots of the planes on apporach.

Hope this helps

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