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How To Reduce Cmos Reflections?

Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:42 pm

As the days are getting shorter, I'm beginning to enjoy the benefits of digital photography at twilight and soon, night shots.
However, one major problem are the reflections of strong lights from the sensor to the lens and back. Other than remove them during editing (which is not always possible when that greenish reflection is on a vital part of the image), are there ways to avoid them?

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RE: How To Reduce Cmos Reflections?

Thu Aug 21, 2003 11:00 pm

As far as I can make out, no. It's the nature of the beast. The only thing that seems to make a difference is the amount the rear element is recessed - a deeply recessed rear element will be less prone to reflections than one that's flush with the lens mount.

If you have a choice of suitable lenses, use the one most deeply recessed. If you have a convertor with a recessed rear element, you could try that. I suppose an extension tube could help, but not very practical in most situations!

A more realistic approach is to develop your PhotoShop technique so you can remove the problem. If a flaw is visible in PS, there is always a way to isolate it and either remove or disguise it - the trick is finding the right tools. Some tricks I've found quite useful have come from the world of fashion/glamour photography - there's loads of books on the subject.


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