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Spotting At LAX

Thu Jan 22, 2004 5:30 am

Hallo comunity,
I´m pretty new in this forum, so sorry in advance, if this topic was asked shortly.
I´m planing a trip to LAX for spotting. I recognized some great take-off shots (Konstantin ?) at LAX Airport. Can anyone help me in finding this place ? Any other good ideas, where to spot and sleep ?

Best reagards and happy spotting
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RE: Spotting At LAX

Thu Jan 22, 2004 11:21 pm

Departure shots are taken from what we call the "Imperial Hill" which is easily accessible from Imperial Hwy on the southside of the airport. You can't miss it as it is set up for folks to watch airplanes and the activity at LAX.

Approach shots are good from behind the "Proud Bird" located on Aviation Blvd, this is for 25R and L app. photos.

Lots of places to stay at LAX, just depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Hope this helps some.


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RE: Spotting At LAX

Fri Jan 23, 2004 1:32 am

But isn't it true that you really need a 400mm lens at Imperial Hill because they are so far away?

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RE: Spotting At LAX

Fri Jan 23, 2004 5:19 am

Hi Mike,

thank you very much for your help.
With the crop of 1,6 in the EOS 10D and fitted with a 100-400, I think, this must be enough.....

Are you located in or around LAX ?

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RE: Spotting At LAX

Sat Jan 24, 2004 12:30 am

I'm heading to LAX to around the first week of Feb and plan to do an afternoon of spotting.

Found a good guide with maps at

You definitely need a car to get around. Your 100-400 sounds like a pretty ideal lens to have for the distances you'll be working with at the more popular spots.

Good luck, I hope to get some nice shots too.

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