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Need Advice On Spotting: BNE, SYD, MEL

Fri Mar 12, 2004 7:17 am

i would kindly like to ask for any advice on observation decks and convenient spotting opportunities around these australian airports and others, too.

i´m going to spend a couple of months down under and i´m certainly going to spend one day or the other at one of those airports.

i already checked Sydney`s airport enthusiasts website and it provided some useful information. perhaps there are similar websites for other australian major airports?

from what i´ve heard, it seems like security measures in Australia have widely caused observation desks to be closed? any able to confirm?

i´d highly appreciate any useful tidbit
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RE: Need Advice On Spotting: BNE, SYD, MEL

Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:39 am

Here is a site for melbourne airport.
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RE: Need Advice On Spotting: BNE, SYD, MEL

Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:46 am

Hi Daniel
The Sydney airport page is pretty good although i can't remember if it mentions the relativley new Kiosk obs deck in the international terminal.
Quite a nice spot for afternoons.
I believe the obs deck at Melb airport is closed at the moment but there are some excellent access locations for take offs and landings on 16/34.27 you are out luck apart from approach shots as the landing area is not visible from off the airport.
I am not sure what excuse they are using in Melbourne so it could be worth contacting them about the obs decks given to get to them you must walk through the terminal to reach them.
That must say alot for how good the security is in the terminal!!
Anyway if you have any more Q's re Sydney give us a yell when you are in town.
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RE: Need Advice On Spotting: BNE, SYD, MEL

Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:47 pm


I have previously emailed the appropriate people about the obs deck situtation in MEL. i was told that in a review of security, that it was found that one could easily get onto the roof of the terminal from the obs deck. To prevent this woudl require the installation of screening on the deck, and the airport was not prepared to install this at this point in time.


If you have any questions about spotting in MEL, drop me an email and i can help you out.


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