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Possible Visit To LHR

Mon Mar 22, 2004 1:20 am

Hi, I was wondering who might be interested in a get together at Myrtle Avenue of photographers on the weekend of the 3rd or 4th of April/? Which day would be best for you and what time should we start? I was thinking around 10am so people could photograph the Western jets (American/United) and start leaving at around 5pm so you can get the Far Eastern jets (JAL/Korean). If your interested post your interest here and I'll get back to you directly by email. I can't emphasize this enough, it depends greatly on if I can go if my dad can take me up their. However I hope he will see the light and take me up their. This will be a good chance to meet other enthusiasts who love doing the things you love to do. I hope I get a good feedback!

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RE: Possible Visit To LHR

Mon Mar 22, 2004 1:46 am

The big LHR meet is on that day, so youll be lucky. About 20 of us will be up there, maybe more.

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