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Problems With Uploading...

Thu May 20, 2004 4:14 am

Hi there folks,

Just trying to upload an image and no matter which filename I use it comes up with the:

Error! - Filename in Use

Sorry, but there is already a file in the upload queue using this filename. Please see to that you use distinct filenames when uploading. A filename like "Boeing747.jpg" would be a bad idea while using a filename like "22Jan04ARNSEGKZ.jpg" would work better.
Please use the back button on your browser to try again.

If you are trying to overwrite a previous upload of yours, I am sorry to say that doing so is currently not supported. Instead, contact screeners@airliners.net and have them remove the previous upload so that you can re-upload the same file

I am naming it something very unique for example:


What could be the problem here?

Many thanks,

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