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Help: Powershot A75 & CF-card?

Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:30 pm

I am a very amateur photographer for starters. Last year i spent 3 months flying around Europe, equipped with a Canon powershot A70. It had some default brand CF-card of 32MB. I made many pics, and zipped through them quite often to endulge. Very often however i got 'corrupt data' or 'memory error' warnings, and many photos were lost or appeared 'split'.

Now i am going to buy my own camera, Powershot A75, and need to choose CF-card. I am going away for three weeks soon (nearly 40 hours around airplanes for travel Big grin), without chance of uploading to a computer, so i will need to rely on my CF-card not to mess up like that last one did. There are many reviews, but i still can't make up my mind. As i am a member of this forum i thought i'd ask the pros, maybe someone has tips for this amateur photographer  Innocent . I am looking to buy at least one 256MB card, maybe a second one(smaller). My criteria are not especially speed, but more reliability and stability. I expect to do alot of browsing though the pics in the meantime, i hope this does not damage the stored photos. choices in NL are Kingston, lexar, Dane-Elec, Sandisk (ultraII) and transcend.

cheers for any tips
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RE: Help: Powershot A75 & CF-card?

Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:36 pm

I allways buy Lexar Professionals never had any problem with them. But maybe you should go for a 512MB to be able to store some shots on your trip.

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RE: Help: Powershot A75 & CF-card?

Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:44 pm

People will probably advise you to buy the fastest, A-brand CF card on the market. And it makes sense. There are plenty of test reports on the internet showing you the performance of these cards.
I have 2 cards: A 256 Lexar (older 8x type) and a "Silicon Power" 256. The last one I had never heard of before when I bought it and I still have never seen any other than my own.  Smile But they both work fine. They are not super fast, but with the 10D's buffer of 9 shots, I've never ran into any problems. Both of them have handled almost 9000 shots in about a years time. No errors. No need to re-format. I bought the 'Silicon Power' (question to others: Does anybody know this brand?) quite cheap in september (+/- 50 Euro's), but prices have dropped since then.
Just search on the net and compare some prices. The well-known brands are probably all ok. The differences are quite minor (unless you have a EOS 1 mkII  Smile)

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RE: Help: Powershot A75 & CF-card?

Tue Jun 15, 2004 12:36 am

Thanks guys,

i have spent all day trying to compare prices and models  Nuts. I will probably buy one 256MB (Sandisk ultraII 256), and a second card of either 256 or 128 MB(Dane-Elec). Is it worth buying one of those ultra cards that the manufacturers offer? And how about the 'world service' that Dane-Elec offers?
I gues 384MB should be enough to capture at least 500-600 pics in 1600*1200 right?

I'll try to make a trip report, or at least get one of my pics in the A'net database Big grin. let that be an objective!
PS; my only proofed photo online, made with A70!!

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RE: Help: Powershot A75 & CF-card?

Tue Jun 15, 2004 2:54 am

I don't believe the A75 has any kind of shot buffer, so it would make some sense to purchase a faster CF card IF the cameras read/write controller will actually take advantage of the faster write speeds.

Personally, I would go for a larger card, than a faster if the cost were the same.
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