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Have You Given Permission? (Lotusair)

Wed Jul 21, 2004 5:11 am


Fellow spotter Jussi Kettunen found a photo of mine on Lotus Air's website and I can't remember giving any permission to them. Also noticed that there are a few other photos from this site so go check if they've put up a photo of yours without permission. I did a fast search and found that there were photos of at least the following people: Wietse de Graaf (2x), Philippe Noret, Toni Marimon, Tero Yli-Somero and Paulo Carvalho. They've removed the copyright bar and added their website title to each photo.

The address is http://www.lotusair.wz.cz/

- Arttu
Arttu Laaksonen :: Helsinki/Finland
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RE: Have You Given Permission? (Lotusair)

Wed Jul 21, 2004 5:55 am

I've already sent a email to Toni Marimon in order to advise him. From the rest I don't have the email..

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RE: Have You Given Permission? (Lotusair)

Thu Jul 22, 2004 2:37 am

Note that this is only an unofficial site in Czech hosted on free webspace at http://www.webzdarma.cz. Their general contact e-mail is info@webzdarma.cz, may become handy if the webmaster doesn't respond.


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