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D30 Shutter Curtain Problem

Thu Jul 22, 2004 1:41 am


While shooting today my D30 suddenly switched itself off. I thought the battery might be empty, so I changed it. After switching on again, the camera made weird sounds while takeing pictures. The taken pictures are all horribly overexposed...

After examining a bit, I come to the conclusion, that the shutter curtain behind the mirror is stuck in the open position. So, it is open all the time, even when the camera is switched off. I tried the sensor cleanig program, but even after opening and closing the mirror, the curtain remains open...

Did anyone ever experience this problem with a D30 or D60 and knows a simple solution?

Or do I have to send the camera in for repairs? What will be most likely the cost for such repairs? Anyone ever had an experience with Canon repair services in Germany?

Thanks for any comments


PS: BTW I could not take the perfect picture of the Ariana A300 YA-BAC on the ramp in Frankfurt with full sunlight... Why does it always go wrong in these moments?  Pissed

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