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Coming To America (No, Not The Movie)

Fri Aug 06, 2004 2:51 pm

I'll be spending a week or so in Lexington, KY, and thought I'd check out the airports at Cincinatti, Lexington and Louisville, while I'm at it. Anyone know the good spots at those airports? I'm flying to Cincinatti tomorrow.



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RE: Coming To America (No, Not The Movie)

Fri Aug 06, 2004 8:49 pm

At CVG, there was (haven't been in about a year) a public viewing area off Donaldson Road, to the east of the airport. A little distant for photos, but some possibilities with a long lens. Best light for photography in the morning. Believe that it may be possible to utilize the parking garage for photos of approach to 18L in the afternoon, if it's in use.
At SDF (again, haven't been for a year or so), I believe that Crittenden Drive has been re-connected on the west side of the airport; don't know if fences etc. prevent photos, but during the week, that should at least give a view of the afternoon UPS rush. In the morning, if they are landing to the south, you should be able to find a spot on either side (parallel 17/35 runways) for approach shots. May also be possible on the south side, as well.
No knowledge of LEX.
Good luck!

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