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Pointers On This Photos Please

Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:00 am

I like them both, but then, they're my photos.

need some unbiased input on how to, and if they can be improved



thanks everyone


ps sorry, could not make them into links, some weird line clipping ocurred

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RE: Pointers On This Photos Please

Sun Sep 12, 2004 3:23 am


I think for both of these photo's the Quality is missing , the first pic is a sunset shot but its too bright and the quality is not there, i cant even tell which airline it is.
The second, once again bad Quality i think, also there are some boardings that detract from the aircraft in the forefront of the pic.

Has the sunset shot been cropped quite a bit from the original?

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RE: Pointers On This Photos Please

Sun Sep 12, 2004 3:55 am

Who cares if you can't see the airline? This site is called "airliners.net", not "airlines.net", and anyway, this is a forum about aviation photography, not just about how to get photos accepted here. (He didn't even ask how to get these accepted here, he just asked for pointers on improving them. These are two different questions IMO.)

I do agree that the first photo might be a little too bright, but I kind of like the uniformity of the color of the sunlight, which is a little different than what you normally see in most silhouette photos. He could play around with some brightness/contrast settings to see what looks best, though.

The second photo is a little too busy. The background should be blurred a bit by opening up the aperture of the lens. There is nothing to really clearly draw your eye in this photo because there's so much going on in the background (and the foreground, for that matter, with the sharply defined taxi signs, etc).

Both shots are a bit noisy but nothing worse than half the photos here already. This is fairly easy to fix anyway.
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