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MCO Or Surround Area Spotters? Anyone? Anyone?

Sat Oct 09, 2004 6:25 am

Hello everyone! I am trying to get an idea of how many people we have around the Orlando area and vicinity that consider themselves regular MCO spotters. This means you spot at MCO at least more than 3-4 times annually. Anyone who reads this and isn't a member to A.net, email me at the contact link in my profile. I just wanna see how many MCO spotters we have in the area. I'd also like to build a contact list since I seem to be, currently, the most active MCO uploader to A.net in the least amount of time by A.net's photo database status. Justin Cederholm holds the title, I do believe, of having the most pictures in MCO's picture database but he has currently stopped uploading MCO pictures due to his working conditions at MCO. I know there are others out there that spot more than I do and just don't have pictures on here. But for now, I'll claim bein the leader and just wanna build a contact list of every MCO spotter. For people who use to spot there and no longer do because of moving or other situations, please do not respond. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I wanna see just the people who spot there NOW. Thanks!


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