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Bad Info Reject

Sat Oct 09, 2004 8:00 am

Any one see the bad info.

it says Ga Air guard on the side of the aircraft...The military reg is right along with the format for the airport and the type of aircraft..

I am going crazy trying to find this one out.
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RE: Bad Info Reject

Sat Oct 09, 2004 8:05 am

Not my forte, but I found this on google:

So a search for the c/n and you will find this:

Serial Type Location/Details
51-5896 F-86D Mercer Field, World of Aircraft museum, in GA ANG colours, ex-Dobbins AFB, GA

The info looks spot on really.

Not sure as to why it got the badinfo.


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RE: Bad Info Reject

Sat Oct 09, 2004 8:28 am

I think I know. The "airline" field should be USA - Air Force because there is no entry for GA Guard or any other guard. when you shoot TN Guard you put USA Air Force and note in the remarks which unit. Air National Guard is part of the Air Force.

Most air force planes have a code "ANG" for the code field but this one doesnt

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RE: Bad Info Reject

Sat Oct 09, 2004 11:16 am

I dont know much about military aircraft, but that is a funny looking Sabre. Is it because it is a "D" model?
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RE: Bad Info Reject

Sat Oct 09, 2004 2:06 pm

The database lists it as: 51-5896, F-86L, c/n 173-40. I believe most D models were converted L. I can't remember what the modifications were. Perhaps it was an upgraded engine.
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RE: Bad Info Reject

Sat Oct 09, 2004 2:13 pm

It is a USAF aircraft and should be identified as such....Not as an ANG airplane.

It should be something along the lines of

United States Air Force
Type a/c ie...F-86D

In the remarks section you can list that it is GA ANG and where it is located.

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