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My First Digital Camera: FinePix A330

Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:34 pm

A month ago, I broke down and got my first digital camera. I've been a film shooter (especially SLR 35mm), but my Olympus IS-20 broke down just before I left for London to start school (so I could not get it fixed in time). So, I had to scramble and get a camera. Mom suggested I try out one of the digital cameras at our local RadioShack.

I found, for $312.30, a Fuji FinePix A330 and extended warranty and 128MB picturecard. I've been getting used to it.

Last Saturday, I went out spotting at LHR and got some nice approach shots at both runways, as well as some on the ground (including the aircraft-crossing-the-road area).

Does anyone else use a FinePix A330 for planespotting photos? Please let me know if it's good for that. My photos look pretty good (weather was not the greatest, but I got some nice widebody approach and aircraft-crossing shots).
The zoom is not as long as I would have liked (my Olympus IS-20 had a good, long 110mm zoom lens built in), so I later on zoomed and cropped my photos on the camera.

Please let me know how you think of the FinePix A330 for planespotting. After all, it's my first digital camera.
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