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Need Some Rejection Advise

Fri Oct 22, 2004 9:36 pm

Hi guys,

I recently had some more rejections than usual and now want to ask for some help. Some of them really gives me a headache... How can I improve them

Seems that I really don't know how to level my shots anymore, cause the is the reason for the most rejections...




Thanks for your help. Oh, and I'm not complaining I just want to avoid this in the future... Saves my and the screeners time...

Greetings from Hamburg

P.S.: Seems that the filenames are too long, so I wasn't able to make to links active
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RE: Need Some Rejection Advise

Fri Oct 22, 2004 11:00 pm

Hi Tobi,
You can link them, no problem. All you have to do is change the capital airport abbreviations to lower case, like so:

About the pictures:
1) Definitely needs some CW rotation. Look at the horizon, and the buildings on the right side.
2) Looks borderline, but using the grid in PS, and the closest end of the runway, I would say it needs a slight CCW rotation. VERY slight though!  Smile
3) A little CW rotation, I think.
4) Also, definitely some CW rotation.
5) It looks to me as though everything has a slight magenta tint to it! Lower the magenta bar in colors, and it should turn out a bit better.
6) Definitely a very green/blue tint to the whole photo. Make sure the white aircraft body looks white! Just fooling around with the color sliders in PS a bit, I got values (24,-21,-9), and it looks a lot better already. You can do the fine-tuning.
7) Same strange coloring as 6. Try similar color settings.
8) The rear portion of the plane is overexposed. Around the last couple of windows, and a bit around them, the white is extremely bright. Don't think you can change that unless you retake the photo  Big grin.
9) Not very sure. To me it looks bright, but not overexposed...sorry!

Anyhow, hope this helps a bit. Any more help, just ask! Good luck!

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