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Image File Size Compression On

Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:28 pm

Hi All,

I understand from the upload page that uses image compression of some sort: "Do not worry about long download times for low compression files, our scripts will automatically optimize compression without loss in picture quality.". Indeed some of my images do appear to have smaller file sizes (to be honest I rarely check the size, as I've never had a problem with the 1024kb limit) sometimes 2/3 smaller.

To my eyes, the quality is still there in comparison to the original upload, so how do they do it? Is it just bog-standard jpeg compression? Have any contributors ever noticed quality problems due to it? Just curious.


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RE: Image File Size Compression On

Wed Dec 01, 2004 10:41 pm

It seems like a useful feature as people ripping pics off will not get the same level of quality than the original upload.

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RE: Image File Size Compression On

Thu Dec 02, 2004 1:22 am

The compression has some troubles with strong red colours. Ive uploaded some pics of Sterlings red 737 for instance where on the submitpage I chose not to, cause the sharpness got lost around windows and logos on the body.

Otherwise the algorithm seems top notch.
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RE: Image File Size Compression On

Sat Dec 04, 2004 5:39 am

The scripts usually works fairly good, considering what they do. However, the originals are obviously better quality than the compressed files. It seems that the sharpness of the photo is affected (like ChrisH said).

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