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HP 945 Or Sony DSC W1?

Mon Jan 03, 2005 6:04 am

Hello and a very happy 2005 to all of you

I am considering the idea of getting a digital camera. I like both the Sony DSC W1 (big TFT 2.5", Carl Zeiss lens) and the HP945 (big zoom). Both of them are 5.1 MP cameras. Which of them do you like most? Do you think that i could get very nice pictures with any of them? Good enough to upload them at If you have any suggestions about a different camera, please say it.

Your help will be very appreciated.

Thank you again and the best for 2005.

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RE: HP 945 Or Sony DSC W1?

Mon Jan 03, 2005 11:09 am

Happy New Year too!!!
between HP 945 and W1 ,i would definitley go with the W1... firstly the lens on the W1 with Carl Zeiss is already a benefit.. (on some nature photos you can see the difference with Zeiss).

dpreview comparison:

for airplane spotting the 8.1X zoom on the 945 is surely an advantage to have but if you really intend to go for submittin onto do you think a hp945 would be good enough~ its small and there may be quite a lot of camera shake when you get to around maybe 250+mm (i'm not a pro but i'd guess this would happen)

However, i believe that going with the sony in this case can be better~ better video, smaller etc.

but for aviation photoggrpahy i'd go for a Nikon 8700 great 8X zoom but the body is bigger for more steady shots and has a larger aperture...

another option would be panasonic's FZ20 with a 12X zoom ...but they got a great MEGA OIS anti-shake system which reduces blur on the photos at the 12X zoom...

hope it helps
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RE: HP 945 Or Sony DSC W1?

Mon Jan 03, 2005 12:21 pm

I think it comes down to your application.

I can't say that the W1 is good for arrivals or departures, it more of a ground camera... I used to use the Sony F717 and it was a great camera and the Carl Zeiss lense is great! I am not that impressed with what comes out of some HP camera's... I have a friend that owns two, I think a 4.0MP and a 5mp, the quality is not there.

Again I am not sure what he does as far as post editing, the Sony V1 is a very nice camera, oh i have used both the V1 and W1,

If you have a choice and want to take pictures for this website... go DSLR... its much easier that way!

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