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Camera Settings/Quality Vs. Post Processing

Mon Feb 21, 2005 4:27 pm

What do you need to know more about? I am thinking of getting a 300D but am hesitant because I still don't know much about post-processing. Does the 300D take pictures good enough for A.net that don't need a lot of touch up from Photoshop? Also which lens would some of you recommend? I would like something to shoot from a place as far as Imperial Hill at LAX. Thanks for any comments.
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RE: Camera Settings/Quality Vs. Post Processing

Mon Feb 21, 2005 4:49 pm

Hi Matt,

Just been adding to a thread about the 300D about similar issues - see Canon 300D (by United905 Feb 19 2005 in Aviation Photography)

Though I am no expert, it is my understanding that all photos that come out of a DSLR will need post-processing to get them to a standard for uploading. That is certainly true of the photos that the 300D produces. I believe one of the differences between Point and Shoot cameras and DSLR's is that the latter do as little as possible to the image inside the camera, whereas some processing goes on inside P&S cameras, which of course you don't control.

So my view is that you will have to get the hang of some basic processing techniques - but the 300D is very capable of producing images that, with a little careful processing, will be of excellent quality.

As far as lenses go, money is always a key factor, but have a look at the previously mentioned link for some discussion. For lens and processing advice you will find many threads here and there will always be people on the forum willing to help with specific advice.

Good luck with your photos.

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RE: Camera Settings/Quality Vs. Post Processing

Mon Feb 21, 2005 5:28 pm


No matter what camera you have your photos will need some amount of Post proccessing in Photoshop, be ie leveling adjusting your levels and hue. But even if you have taken the perfect shot you will still need to crop the photo and resize it. This is where it gets a bit messy as a lot of pepole have different views on this but I find that 1024x683 to be the best for me. Some photographers use 1200x800. The level of proccessing is dependant on the camera you choose. The 300D is a good camera and a lot of photographers on a.net use this camera and have said nothing but good things about it. Where the real difference lies is in the lens you get. If your budget can stretch that far then get an L lens. An exelent value for money is the 70-200mm f4 L. This is very much an L glass lens but without the IS. If you're looking for a lens that will cover a larger range then have a look at the 100-400mm LIS. Still a very good lens. I'm not familiar with your area and therefore can't advise you on what focal length you need from where you want to shoot from.

I used to have the 70-300mm USM III and have managed to get a few shots onto a.net but you need good light conditions, but that can be true for any lens you use really. If the light conditions are not good, i.e. dull and overcast day, you won't get good shots, maybe one or two but that's it.

Take care and good luck with your choice.

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