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Which Filter?

Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:09 pm

A quick query about filters:

I have just gone off to buy a polarising filter for my new(ish) 17-40mm lens. After having replied recently to a couple of threads about polarisers I thought I should go out and get one for this lens.

My intention was to get the best - Hoya I figured - but in this specialist shop I ended up being persuaded to go with a Kood filter. It must be said that it was significantly cheaper, but the deciding factor for me was that I was told these filters are made by Hoya in Japan. I have no reason to doubt the guys in this shop.

Does anyone have any experience of these filters, as I do not want to accept lesser quality simply to save a few quid?

Thanks very much.

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RE: Which Filter?

Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:38 pm

Hello Paul

I am using Hama filters, HTMC-UV390(0-haze), and I am very happy with them. I hardly don't have to rework my pics before uploading. But it's, like most threads like this one, what you personally like. And of course what you are used to.
People who are used to shoot without filters will say that the way they are shooting is the best.
The main reason I have them on my lenses is for protection of the lens self.
When I have too many spots/dirt or scratches at the filter it's easier to replace the filter then the complete lens.
That's why I have my filter as neutral as possible.

Hope it will help you


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