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JFK Spotting, May 20-22

Fri May 06, 2005 5:19 am


I am wondering if any JFK spotters would have the courtesy of helping me find my way around the JFK spots while spotting for about half a day. It will be between the 20th and 22nd and I'll be with my new DSLR and lens.

If anyone would like to arrange something, feel free to contact me at

Thanks very much,
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RE: JFK Spotting, May 20-22

Fri May 06, 2005 11:42 am

Hi Martin -

You should check out the webpage for the local NY spotters: Registration for the forums is free, and once you're signed up you can post the same kind of message.

In addition, check out the website of one of our local spotters, Art Brett, at for a map with directions to all the good spotting locations. You will need a car to access most of the locations around JFK.

As for spotting the weekend you're in town, I'm not sure whether I'll be around, but if I am and if I plan to be out spotting, I'd be happy to get together and show you around JFK.


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