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I Shot RAW (CR2), Now What? + How's This Shot?

Sun Aug 14, 2005 7:27 am

I decided to shoot a few frames in RAW the other day, primarily because we had Wunala coming to our neck of the woods and I wanted to be able to salvage the shots from the haze we were shooting in any way I could.

I shot CR2 (20D) and large/fine JPG, just about my first time doing so, and I edited some of the JPGs as soon as I got home with pretty good results. I opened up Canon's Digital Photo Professional 1.1 this afternoon to fiddle around with the CR2s, and I must say, I haven't noticed any profound difference.

More levels histograms and saturation sliders don't stand out as much of a reason for me to shoot RAW.

1) Does anyone else use this software? What tools should I be paying more attention to? I don't have any sort of CR2 workflow, so I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out here.

2) One shot I did work with in both Canon's Digital Photo Professional 1.1 and Photoshop was the following, which I advise you NOT to look at if you're not going to hit it up if/when it's in the database. :-p


It was a little soft (read: blurry in the back) to begin with and had to be cropped quite a bit, so sharpening is proving to be quite the biatch. Speaking of which, any suggestions as to sharpening tools?



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RE: I Shot RAW (CR2), Now What? + How's This Shot?

Sun Aug 14, 2005 9:45 am

G'day Brian
From where i am the major advantage of RAW is the fact that you are doing lossless editing.
Anything you change in the original RAW and process out will be cleaner and not involve destructin of any infoin the shot so it is a much better way of post processing.
It in effect gives you the oppurtunity to re shoot the shot each time you process it.
Stay away from the sharpening function as it is the same as in camera sharpening a very brutal and harsh wayof dealing withimages.
Send me an email and i will reply with something for PS for you mate.
For color and exposure adjustments RAW can save an image which is long gone in JPG which is probably its true benefit.

PS Forgot to add i use CS and it works well with the 20D.Capture one is also an excellent piece of software which quite a few of the pro's at FM's love.
Havn't tried it but i gave up on the Canon software as its pretty slow and far fewer adjustments than CS.

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