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Photo Passed First Screening... But Then...

Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:05 am

Hello all,

Can someone explain me the following?

When I upload for example two photos at one day, and they got both accepted, I get an e-mail stating that a couple of photos are added to the database.

When I upload let's say, 3 or 4 photos at one day, it happens that all of them are rejected but one. In that case, the e-mail states; PHOTO PASSED FIRST SCREENING.

In other words, I get this announcement only when there are some rejections too. I never get an e-mail stating that both of my photos passed the first screening, without also rejections included.

When a photo of mine passes the first screening, it has never happened that is passes the second one as well.

I have read the "how the screening process works" thread and though it states that some photo's can directly be added to the database I wonder why this is never the case when I have also some rejections.

regards, Martijn
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RE: Photo Passed First Screening... But Then...

Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:28 am

Hi Martijn,

I think the explanation is simple.

You will only get an email telling you that a photo has been accepted when it has been through the screening process - often seen by 3 screeners. But when you get a rejection the email is sent straight away once the screener rejects that shot. So - if the rejection was uploaded with others, and those others have not been rejected, it may state that some of the photos have passed the first screening - i.e. a screener has looked and thought that the photo(s) are good enough to be passed on for further evaluation.

If you get a photo accepted you may get an email to say so and it will also say that others have passed the first screening, if they have not yet been through the whole process yet.

Is this making any sense   . Basically it has nothing to do with how many photos you upload - it's simply about when the rejection (or acceptance) is made, and if that decision was in a batch of other photos, some of which have been okayed by the initial screener.

It's just a way of letting you know the state of play for the other photos you have in the queue when a final decision is made about a photo.

Hope this helps a bit.


P.S. On re-reading your post, another point came to me. Assuming you don't get a rejection in a batch of uploads all the photos will have, by definition, passed first, second and third screening. It's only because on other occasions the process happened in stages that you got to hear what was happening with some of the photos before the completion of the overall process.

I think I am confusing myself now, so I will stop  biggrin .

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RE: Photo Passed First Screening... But Then...

Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:51 am

all clear, thank you Paul!
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RE: Photo Passed First Screening... But Then...

Sun Sep 25, 2005 4:39 am

Cool post guys, I was about to post the same question when I saw that post! Thanks Paul!
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