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Trouble With Cabin Shots: All Rejected!

Wed Jan 18, 2006 3:55 am

Hoping to get some help here with these. Was up in BA First during a flight a couple of weeks back with an empty cabin and got the opportunity to shoot some shots which I thought would be good for here. All of them have been rejected and was wondering if I could get some specific advice so that my Photoshop-expert and girlfriend could help me work on them a little.

Thanks. Here are the shots, with rejection reasons and my possible thoughts on rejection:
Rejected on basis of: Quality and Motive
My thoughts: Could it be the fact I stupidly cut off a tiny part of the seat in the top left hand corner? Could the fact it is at max 1600pixels in one dimension affect it?

Rejected on basis of: Quality and Motive
My thoughts: not quite sure about this one, I was advised it would be accepted if I chopped it to 1000pixels in the largest dimension. Here is the original rejected on Motive

MyAviation.net photo:
Click here for bigger photo!
Photo © Fraser Davidson

I am pretty sure this one with hours of adjustment is beyond help. Got it a little out of focus in the background.

Also was trying to embed the photos using [img] [/img] tags surrounding the hyperlink from rejection email and the photo wasn't showing! Only came up as a question mark box!
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RE: Trouble With Cabin Shots: All Rejected!

Wed Jan 18, 2006 4:28 am

As for motive I'm not sure as I just don't photograph a/c inside. But for your quality issues there are some. It's not the best processed and there is some jpeg compression on your original too. Why did you upload at 1600 wide? As a rule I always downsize my shots to 1024, you are only asking to get them rejected at that size!

There is a thread here recently on some links on workflows if you need any help, but here are two so far. Also on the uplaod page of A.net

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