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Photos Revised -screener Help Pls?

Tue Mar 14, 2006 7:46 am

Hi just spent sometime editing again the photos after removal frm Q.
The IL76 I have reduced some exposure also some sharpening
N720JR Leveled the picture also gave some contrast
HBAFD arranged slightly the colour ;dust spot removed
was jagged due oversharpening -hope it looks better
Selected sharpening on tail and around fuselage
what abt reg does it still looks jagged ?as if I dont give some sharpening then the image will be too soft

Appreciate any help pls since I worked mostly on the comments I received from the 1st post.! another thing what if I leave them in Q and then if they got rejected I will post them in forum for opinion pls?
Thks alot in advance
Malcolm Bezzina
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RE: Photos Revised -screener Help Pls?

Tue Mar 14, 2006 8:20 am

Well my quick take on them is the following:

1. Jaggered and bright on this BenQ monitor here
2. Seems ok to me - but may pay to remove jaggies from stipes on aircraft.
3. Seems ok to me
4. Soft
5. Blurry
6. Blurry

Hope this helps,
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RE: Photos Revised -screener Help Pls?

Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:15 pm

Excellent work Malcolm - that BritishJet still looks very close to a tail strike to me!

Generally I can see improvements in all the edits. Unfortunately I am still not a screener  biggrin , but with my hyper-critical eye, I would still be less than 100% confident about some:

* IL76 - better than before, though slightly grainy. Still small areas of jaggies, but I would stick with it as it is such an interesting shot.

* 720 - looks a lot better. Hard to get rid of all those jaggies caused by those cheat lines.

* ATR - I think this will stand a good chance now

* Blue Line - still looks a bit soft to me in places - e.g. front and rear

* Phantom - still looks a great shot, but I can't escape noticing slight softness generally, particularly the front quarter of the plane. But with such an interesting image it would be a great shame not to submit it for assessment by the screeners to see if they will give any latitude.

* BritishJet - I really like this capture, but I cannot get away from what I see as quality issues unfortunately. It still looks slightly soft - e.g. tail area - and hence why the sharpening hasn't brought it up just right. I think that can be seen in that jagged registration, which suggests to me that it is very slightly blurred in the original.

I am not a fan of the watermark - though understand why people use it - but I think it looks better when the watermark doesn't cut across the plane so much - e.g in the new version of the 'Blue Line'.

I hope that - as often is the case - I am being too harsh a judge, and that you have some success. Thanks for sharing the photos with us and good luck.

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RE: Photos Revised -screener Help Pls?

Tue Mar 14, 2006 6:35 pm

No problem being harsh my friends!!Better take some advice over here obviously if there is a screener comments this will help out very much because ultimately they are going to decide wether these pics will be online or not, I am not saying that other comments are not the way.
Malcolm Bezzina  spin 

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