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Rejected Photos Any Tips Pls?

Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:26 pm
This MD90 rejection reason was Quality jagged!!I only see slightly the registration jagged?Any help pls?
Rejection for this was Quality!!Again some help needed pls!!
The atr was rejected for Info category ;When I submitted this photo I used the Auto Complete so the info on airline's name; registration and type of a/c was selected from there!!

Malcolm Bezzina  Smile
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RE: Rejected Photos Any Tips Pls?

Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:31 pm

They have a 'grimey' feel to them. Bad wb or something as the whites are not white, and the sky looks funky. Also, they don't appear sharp.
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RE: Rejected Photos Any Tips Pls?

Mon Mar 20, 2006 7:48 pm

Ok... let's see what I can say about them:

1) Is very oversharpened in the markings, in the rear bottom, in the logos and in the reg. If you solve this, it should be work.

2) Again oversharpened, the blue line, the reg, the wing, the top of the plane... I find it also a bit lack of colour, try chaning a little the levels. This mght be a personal feeling, probably because I'm not an expert!  Smile

3) This is the best one so far... you still have some jaggies in the white part of the tail, and some others in the rear bottom of it. The bad category might be after uploading the photo, when you have to select the different options before confirm the upload... I mean special markings, turbo prop airliner, etc.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Giorgio La Pira
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RE: Rejected Photos Any Tips Pls?

Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:23 pm

Don't know about the quality....but the first pic looks AWFULLY like a tail strike on takeoff. Wouldn't want to be sitting in the rear of that one !

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