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Heathaze Or Camera Settings?

Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:01 am

Hi all,

After bringing my wife to the Airport yesterday morning I spent a few hours along the runway for some action shots.
The weather was crappy and cold but I was able to take some landing and take off traffic.

When come home and view the results a very big disappointment was waiting      
All my shot were ruined by heathaze.
I was confused by this as it was cold and had never that much heathaze in my shots this time of the year.

I had my camera cleaned last week and did some testing with the camera settings like what AF point to be use and selecting the AI servo mode or the AI focus mode.

Here are some results from yesterday  


What do you think?
Is it the heathaze that killed my shots or is it the camera settings that messed things up.

camera settings were:
Canon 10D with Canon 100-400
AV mode -F8-ISO 100-centre focus point-AI servo mode-focal length between 300-400mm

There is also one positive point, my camera is clean and the sensor dust free  


Edit:Only the two departing shots have no heathaze

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RE: Heathaze Or Camera Settings?

Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:07 am

I don't see the heat haze problem in #2 and #5, but yeah, the rest do suffer from it.

Heat haze can strike at any temperature - it's the difference in temperature that causes the haze. So, if you're shooting something above a large stretch of black asphalt (a runway, unfortunately), you'll likely get heat haze. I think it can also be caused by a heavy jet on the runway before the jet you're shooting. Hot exhaust doesn't just go away that fast.

I've taken to taking my laptop with me so I can check if I'm getting heat haze distorted shots before I spend an hour shooting bad shots.

Real shame about #1!

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