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Spotting/Photography At MKE

Fri May 05, 2006 4:37 am

Can anyone shed any light on how things are at MKE? Are there good locations? Do the authorities stay in the background?
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RE: Spotting/Photography At MKE

Fri May 05, 2006 12:35 pm

Whenever I spot at MKE, I use the little parking lot off of Layton Ave that is pretty close to 19R. The fence has neat little holes in it for camera lenses, and MKE Tower is broadcast over 88.5MHz so you can hear ATC through your car speakers. Since the lot is pretty much a designated spotting area, cops almost never show up there. However I do remember hearing that the area closes when the terror alert is "orange" or higher. I usually don't take the 45 minute trip down to the airport unless the planes are using 19R...there's not a whole lot to see from the parking lot otherwise.

Another cool spot (especially if you have a telephoto lens, binoculars, or just want a good bird's eye view of the airport) is the Mitchell Airport Park on Logan Ave. just north of the field. It's probably at least a mile away from the airport, but I had fun last winter watching the planes take off from there when the lot was closed and seeing the huge snow clouds they would kick up behind them.

I have seen plenty of photos on this site taken from the roof of the parking garage. That location has a pretty good view of the runways and gates, but I'm not sure how much one may run into the police. I haven't tried spotting from there yet. Perhaps I will give it a try this summer.

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