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Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 7:17 pm

Ok, instead of the standard rejection and moaning threads in the forum, i thought i'd start one that i havnt seen on the board for a while.

Why did you start uploading here? What brought you here? How did you find the website? Was this website the reason you started taking photos of airliners of does your photography go back before this site was here? Does your passion and enjoyment of the site still remain as high as it was when you first joined?

Im just curious to hear the answers.

Cheers, Chris
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 7:22 pm

Hey Chris, Good thread. I first came to ANET about 4 yrs ago. I never got an account for a reason unknown. I first started uploading in Feburary this Year when I got my 1st decent camera. I have 3 photos in the database and im happy about that. Uploading here hasnt made dislike the site, I respect the site more now im uploading. This site is my homepage and always will be, Its my absolute favourite!

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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 7:35 pm

Back in '03 my therapist suggested I needed a hobby that wasn't focused around fire. After said therapist perished in a strange accident - a fire, would you believe it - I decided to scour the internet for a hobby that would make me feel normal.

Had I actually known that I could find something that could make all my money disappear, my wife leave me, and cause me to loiter by airport fences with like-minded people (none of whom talk to each other), sometimes in pouring rain, I'd have got into it far sooner!

As soon as I've conquered the mild OCD that causes me to repeatedly refresh the upload queue page, even when I don't have anything in the queue, things will be near perfect. Of course the small issue of me stalking screeners is unfortunate, but you can't make an omelet...etc

Of course all this may change if I ever move to Switzerland, where it's quite possible I could discover there is more to life than, yet I will surely post in every rejection or plugging thread ever that there is more to life than, just in case people forget.


P.S. the above may not be entirely serious.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 7:44 pm

I started taking aviation photographs due to a love of aviation and photography decades before the invention of the Internet. If I had dreamed something like this up when I started, 1967, it would have been considered science fiction.
I discovered the site through browsing the Internet a little over two years ago looking for photos of piston-engined airliners. I realised that I was sitting on a valuable archive of old photos and started to upload. My discovery of it coincided with me being ill and it gave me something to do, no, a lot to do.
I looked initially at the site as being a place to store my old images as one day they may be useful to future historians (they probably are to some already). If I had died they would all probably have ended up in the rubbish somewhere but I now hope they are safe.
The site also re-invigorated my interest and I moved on to Digital (with a lot of help from Kevin Bates) and I have come to enjoy taking the photos again. I feel that Digital may catch on.
Whilst I am not deluded enough to think that the site is perfect, it manages that difficult balance of being a lot of different things to different people. Whilst it can be infuriating at times, if I have nothing else to do (my eyes not my Wife's) I live here !

Mick Bajcar
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 7:54 pm

I was first told about this site by a fellow pilot at my local aero club, after he stumbled upon a shot of his own aircraft.

Basically when I myself am not flying, the next best thing to me is photographing aircraft and aviation in general. Upon seeing the site and looking more and more into what the site had to offer, I wanted to be part of it. Now with over 320 images in the database in 3 years, I've enjoyed the challenge of getting shots accepted although pulling my hair out at times!! I've also enjoyed sharing the traffic that we get here at our local airport to the rest of the world. I also enjoy hearing from pilots that have seen me taking photographs of the aircraft they have been flying and from people who were formally from this area.

People I know now let me know when something different is in town with a phone call! They all say "We'll expect to see that on Airliners.Net shortly!"

But also too, I have enjoyed meeting many different people in person and via email from all over the world, just because we all share the same hobby. It's great.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 9:05 pm

I started uploading here in 2005, when I made the jump to digital photography. I found the site by accident.

Why did I start uploading here? Because it was a challenge to get the first acceptance.

I have been photographing aircraft for more than 30 years, so I guess I'm incurable. I just like aircraft, particularly older aircraft. My first ever flight was in a DC-3.

This site is a way for me to combine photography with aviation, both of which I love.

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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 9:52 pm

I found the website in 1998/1999 I'd say, doing a google search for 'airline photos' probably. I just enjoyed looking at the photos. I went off the site around 2001-2003, not visiting very often. I started visiting again in 2004 though, reading the forums and looking at the photos.

I never really had any thoughts to take photos of planes until about March 2005 when I took a visit to Coventry Airport and EMA Aeropark, and I started taking photos. Then, I realised I needed a better camera. I edited a few and some made it on to Airliners. Now I upload regulary, It's probably my most prefered site on the internet.

Quoting Sulman (Reply 2):
As soon as I've conquered the mild OCD that causes me to repeatedly refresh the upload queue page,

I don't really go into personal issue on websites, but I am suffering from a similar, or same problem. It makes uploading a chore really. I basically have to refresh the page a few times, but I mostly close the IE page and start a new one.

I just get feelings that I've got something wrong, and the only way to correct it is to refresh the page. If I make a spelling mistake in the comment or something, I have to refresh.

I've took a more stricter approach to uploading recently, it seems to be working. The sooner its sorted the better, sorry for being off subject. I thought i'd be the only one having this problem!


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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 10:58 pm

I discovered A-net back in '99 (sometime in october, if I'm not mistaken). Started spending the nights in front of the computer screen, instead of the TV. Missus didn't like it one bit, but I kept it up anyway.

Uploaded my first pic in 2004 after I'd been to the HerculesBoogie in Linköping, trying out my (then) newly bought D70.
Only been uploading sporadically and my contribution has "maxed out" at a meager 99 pic's in the DB. I doubt there will be any more, but I still like to browse the newly added pic's from time to time and add new pic's to my user-album.

You started this thread and made us "spill our guts"!! ...but, what about yourself? Let's hear it!! Big grin
In thrust I trust.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 11:24 pm

I got into aviation, and started visiting MAN. I started to take photos, and decided I wanted some purpose to the photos, so I started uploading here. My first photos were accepted after the Champions League final day at MAN. Today, I still enjoy taking photos, but I also enjoy the challenge of editing them - and nothing beats the pride of actually seeing them online and in the database!
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 11:26 pm

I started uploading on A.Net after buying my first digital camera. I noticed that it was very hard to get scanned pics approved.

In the next years i discovered that getting pics approved on A.Net got much harder (IMHO), so these days i mostly use to upload the majority of my pics (use M.Net as some sort of 'privat' album). I rarely upload pics anymore, due to the fact that i get lot's of rejections (although i think the pics are good enough for A.Net, compared to others that do get accepted).
Click here for bigger photo!
Photographer © Chris Ufkes

These days i enjoy M.Net more when in comes to 'on-line' photo's, also 'cause the ammount of hit's are not my primary goal of uploading pics.  Wink

Bye, Chris.
Someday i'll fly away......
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 11:37 pm

I started to upload photos here in January 2005.

Firstly, I uploaded photos of bad quality, and motivs, in 1600 pixels; I never got a photo accepted. My friend Sigurdur Benediktsson told me 1024 pixels would be better, he edited one photo for me, then I edited another, I sent, and got two photos accepted, finally. After that, I have edited everything (except a few, one photo by one person: A J Best, Paul Markman, Mick Bajcar) myself.

Now, I have 457 photos on this site, and it's growing.


EDIT: Why I started to upload? Well, I wanted to have a photo here as Sigurdur Benediktsson has got some. . It's true, I was such an idiot back then.

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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Tue May 30, 2006 11:43 pm

Hi Chris,

My hobby goes back many years and I found a very old photo of me and some friends recently on the roof of LHR carpark 1a overlooking 27R. I used to come in with my Dad when he was on an early and hang around all day watching all old beauties that were around back then. That would have been in the mid to late 70s. Mind you back then I had a 110 film camera  rotfl . The results were simply awesome! I have a nice shot taken from the car park of an ALIA 707. It would be the equivalent of a 35mm lens so it is a speck in the middle of the shot. I even managed to keep my finger out of the way of the lens for that shot too.

I can't remember the reason for looking, but I found Anet through a web search and I regularly checked to see the latest shots. Many often ended up as desktop wallpapers. It wasn't until I went digital in 2003 that I first uploaded with a shot of Concorde. It then became a challenge to see how many I could get on, but now I have lost the enthusiasm a bit.

My acceptance rate has been bloody awful recently, so I haven't been uploading. With so many people sending photos in to Anet it has quite rightly become much harder to get photos in. The quality bar has definitely been raised. Being honest I am losing the enjoyment of it all now and I find that I start to edit pictures with the intention of uploading them, but don't complete the task and close down photoshop. Having camera problems doesn't help either, my camera sucks at the moment and I have no idea why. Time for an expensive service I think.  Sad

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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 2:11 am

It is about three years since I found the site via a search engine and had my first picture accepted in Jan 2005. It took a lot of trial and error with scanning and editing from my small collection of old slides and prints before getting to an acceptable standard. I am still learning. At the moment I have 35 pictures on the database, the earliest taken in 1959 (when I was sixteen) with an Ilford Sportsman; I think it had a 50mm 3.5 lens, shutter speeds of 30th, 50th, and 200th and manual everything.

Why submit pictures? Because I enjoy other peoples shots (especially from the 1960s/1970s) and hope that some of mine, showing classic aircraft and old airlines, will give pleasure to others. I am not in the numbers game, but it is interesting to see which pictures attract the most views and to get an e-mail now and again from somebody saying .. I enjoyed your picture because ..
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 2:27 am

Hi Chris

My interest in aviation comes from my father who served on Aircraft Carriers in the Fleet Air Arm during WW2 and him telling me all about The Swordfish, Avengers, Barracudas, Corsairs etc, then from the late 60's being taken to Heathrow and spending all day watching the aircraft from the roof of the Queens building unfortunately my photography skills were not very good.
I came across Anet about 4 years ago when I was sent an email with a photo of the Air France 747 at St.Maarten attached, I checked out the site and from that day I was hooked, only with the advent of Digital cameras did I become interested in uploading with my first photo of Concorde 3 years ago
most of my uploads nowadays are scans of prints taken during the 80's & 90's


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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 3:53 am

You are right Chris - this thread makes a nice change.

I have had a lifelong interest in aviation and also have had a love of photography throughout my adult life. I was a viewer of for a few years, always enjoying the higher quality that the site offered, but never considering getting involved myself. At the time I was one of the few people in the Western world without a computer at home, so my viewing was restricted to sneaked moments at work.

But in '04 I finally bought a computer and then a digital camera. Previously I thought all this digital malarkey was 'cheating', so had resisted that. But the computer persuaded me. Then I found that it was impossible to get a photo accepted here with my first point and shoot Canon. But once I acquired my first DSLR I had the bit between my teeth and set myself the target of joining this 'club'. I have to admit I was thrilled when I got my first acceptance - if only I knew then what I do now (for example, ignore the help page that implies 1600 wide is the size to use - they still need to change the wording there, as it is very misleading to virgins).

I wanted to upload here because I believed - and still do - that the site hosts the best quality images overall on the net.


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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 4:17 am

A few years ago while in college I was surfing the internet and searched for 'aircraft photos' one day. came up and I started browsing the site's pictures. I loved how diverse all the pictures were and also the great quality as well. I eventually started saving shots as a background or screen saver and always stared in awe when the pictures would come up one after another. I finally got a digital camera after browsing for a couple years and thought why not give this photography thing a shot. It combined a love of looking at interesting pictures with my love of aviation.

I started shooting in Jan of 2004 and seriously uploading in Feb of 2005. I got my first acceptance in Mar 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of shooting thus far. I love meeting new people in the hobby, and learning new tricks while shooting or editing. For me though, nothing beats hanging at an airport and having a heavy come right over your head. Every time it happens I get a smile on my face.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 4:59 am

I became interested in aviation back in the mid 1960's. My father worked for Decca Navigator and often had to go over to Heathrow, so I went along for the ride. He also used to take me down to Farnborough, were I would get to sit in a corner of the hospitality suite with an endless supply of coco-cola, while he got on negotiating with clients.

In the early seventies I spent more time at Gatwick - in those days the trees and shrubs hadn't been planted to block your view from the big lay-by on the Charlwood road (along the south side of the runway). Mind you, there was often a long wait between flights, unlike now. I used to take quite a lot of pictures back then, but have no idea where they are now (probably in box at my mothers house). My interest rekindled again in the late 1990's, when through work, I got to read Flight and be given trade tickets to Farnborough.

I started taking pictures again a couple of years when I moved to Sussex. I'm lucky in that I have two spotter and photographer friendly airfields (Shoreham and Goodwood) close by. Nothing beats sitting in the sun at the foot of the Sussex Downs, taking pictures and watching the world go by!

Like many others, I found by chance and have been hooked ever since. My early uploads were a bit of disaster. I then bought an Olympus C750 and mugged up on the editing side and it became a bit easier to get pictures accepted. Last year, I progressed on to a DSLR (a bit more sophisticated than my old Zenit E) and since then my success rate had taken a bit of a roller coaster ride. There's times when I've found the rejections very frustrating, but it has made me more selective in what I upload, instead of just sticking everything in the queue.

I don't have any big hitters but do have plenty of shots where mine is the only example of a registration. I get lots satisfaction from the email's from owners or pilots complimenting my work. I have even managed to sell pictures to a couple of them and to Time magazine!

Just out of interest, one thing I have never done over all the years, is collect registrations.


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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 5:34 am

I found this website after someone over at another forum I frequent posted a picture of an SXM shot. I was hooked, although I already had an interest in airplanes and airports, I never imagined there were people who spent foolish amounts of money on photographic equipment and countless hours under the sun, rain and snow to photograph airplanes. Then late in 2004, I wanted to get more into photography and upgrade from my lowly HP point-and-shoot to a Fuji S5100. A few months before my dad got a Minolta A2 and when I went to visit him at the end of the year, he offered to loan me his camera for a few months before I blew money on one because he said the next semester he was going to be busy (he's a university professor) anyway. When he came to visit me a couple of months later, he said I could have the A2.

That's when I started going to the airport all the time because I had a camera I knew would be capable of producing high-quality images, although I had no idea what the difference between f2.8 and f11 (my camera's widest and narrowest apertures) was, much less the pros and cons of matrix metering vs. center-weighted.

I'll admit that at first I was hell-bent on getting a picture on because it would be cool to get recognized and the photo views and everything that goes with it, but after I got a couple (after something like 40some odd tries,) I realized that these were the wrong reasons. I pulled away for a while and uploaded exclusively to myaviation, occasionally treading the less harsh waters of (they have become somewhat picky lately, although that's a different story for another day) while I honed my skills in the basics of photography through aviation and other subjects.

These days, I'm uploading (trying to in some cases Big grin ) because I have some shots that I'd like to share with my fellow airplane fans and because I'm enjoying myself in the process, not because I am in some popularity contest.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 8:02 am

I was born some 20 km from AMS and its Aviodome museum - not close enough to go there often as a kid, but I was interested in aircraft early on.
In high school, influenced by a friend who was a keen photographer, I bought a secondhand East German Praktika camera with a 400 mm lens of probably equally doubtful quality.
Going to airfields and taking pictures was never something I did terribly often, although my interest in aviation remained - I've written a bunch of magazine articles and even a book, on the Fokker D.21 fighter.
A few years ago my interest in modern civil aviation picked up, as it's moving a lot faster than military aviation since the end of the Cold War.
Then in 2004 I discovered that I actually live quite close to the new Polderbaan runway at AMS, and that photography there is very good, so I started to take pictures again with my Nikon F65 - I soon upgraded to a D70.
I've never understood the hobby of collecting registrations - I don't like being called a spotter very much to be honest - but I did look up the aircraft I photographed on the internet, and that's how I found I never bothered with any of the competing sites, simply because of all the popups they subject you to.
Taking photos of planes still seemed somewhat pointless at times, but uploading to has changed that for me. Now, people in the whole world can see your pictures - the globalness of is one of its attractions for me - and the strict screening makes you improve your photography, which I think is great. So thanks to all the crew, and to the rest of the community for running and making this wonderful site.


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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 3:56 pm

Lots of interesting stories.
I am a lifelong aviation geek! My father was in the airforce and I recall standing on the verandah of our house at RAAF Point Cook watching the students doing night flying in their Winjeels, I would have been about 3-4 at the time. Not much later dad was posted to England for 2 years and amongst various locations we lived for a time quite close to Mick Bajcar.
Discovering in the late '90s I didn't take much notice but like (I assume) many others I rediscovered the site about the 12 Sept 2001. Following that I was an infrequent visitor here but an active member of an Australian Aviation photography newsgroup and often read about how hard it was to get photos accepted here and how tough the screening was. A couple of years of those discussions led me to take a close look. I was horrified at the composition of most the photos here, the close cropped centred look just went against my more "classical" photographic background. It took quite a while to realise the motivation that leads to this "look" and then looking at the acceptance and quality issues I set myself an objective to successfully upload to
I succeeded on my second attempt and even brought myself to not take personally the somewhat patronising and condescending message in that first rejection message!
Like Peter and others, I don't consider myself a "spotter" I would rather be seen as an aviation enthusiast and a photographer.
Uploading here has been fun at times, frustrating at others but that is not a bad thing. I am finding myself uploading less than in the past as I am leaning towards shooting and processing with large prints in mind rather than optimising for the web.. perhaps my photos will not be seen by as many people but that is OK.


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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Wed May 31, 2006 10:39 pm

I have loved aviation since I was 8 years old (WAY back in the mid-1980s!)  old 

However, I didn't start flying until 1993, but since then, I have been quite a regular flyer (over 15 air trips and counting). Most of my trips now are FWA-LHR/LGW trips (travelling back and forth between home at FWA and school in London, UK). I especially love widebodies.

I took my first airliner photograph in 1994 while on my way home from Spain on a TWA 747; it is of a TWA 747 at JFK Terminal 5:
Click here for bigger photo!
Photographer © Francis J. Smith

That was my first ever photo of an airplane! It's kind of crappy due to the dirty windows in the "Guitar" concourse of JFK T5! Such memories!

Whenever I went on a flying trip or just visited an airport on a trip, I would take my camera along and photograph some interesting planes at places like ORD, FWA, LHR, DUB, and other airports I transitted through. I have LOTS of photos sitting at home!

When I moved over to London in 2004 to start school at King's College London, I discovered LHR spotting! Quickly I learned (from my visits every weekend to LHR) where the best spots were (Myrtle Avenue, etc). That whole first year (2004-2005), I shot over 500 photos at LHR alone! I have that year's photos in a box of their own. This year, I have only shot maybe half that many--because LHR is not quite as "new" to me as it was last year.

I shoot mainly rare, interesting aircraft at LHR--no more BA or other boring European airlines. I restrict my shooting to aircraft that are REALLY worth it--A380, 747SPs, Russian types (ILs and TUs), and rare visitors (USAF 757, etc) and special liveries. As all these are so rare, my photographic output is correspondingly rare.

I discovered back in 1997 when I started looking at 747 photos. I did not start uploading until 2004, but by then's standards had gone astronomically high. All my early attempts failed miserably (most commonly due to grain, which caused quality rejections galore). I discovered, and nearly all my photos from LHR and other airports, from 1994-2006, are there.

However, this April (just prior to my 31st birthday here in London), I FINALLY got my first 3 shots accepted!

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Francis J. Smith

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Francis J. Smith

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Francis J. Smith

All three of my shots on were taken with my Fuji FinePix S5600, definitely a non-DSLR!

I have used a variety of cameras in the past for aviation photography. My earliest shots (pre-LHR, pre-2004) were shot with simple point-and-shoot Kodak and Olympus 35mm cameras and an Olympus 35mm SLR. When I first came to London in 2004, I had a Fuji FinePix A330, which I used for my first 3 months of LHR shooting. Then in Nov. 2004 I bought off another A.netter a Nikon F65 35mm SLR with 28-200mm lens. That was my main camera until Nov. 2005, when I sold it on eBay and bought myself the Fuji S5600 I use now.

I only became a member of in early 2004, and since then, have really enjoyed contributing to the forums my life experiences (especially in Non-Av and Trip Reports).

I have been keeping you up to date with my studies here in London at King's College London (for a future research career in craniofacial deformities) and have enjoyed sharing my eventful life experiences with you on Non-Av. I shall continue to do so. Also, I have had the opportunity to meet several A.netters in person, all at LHR while spotting!

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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:14 am

I had been surfing the site for quite some time before I first started uploading in November 2003. I was deployed to Southwest Asia and had some digital images on my laptop that I was using to learn Adobe Photoshop to pass my spare time. After an afternoon of surfing through some Miami pictures to check a registration, I thought I could contribute. It worked out well for my learning curve on post processing. On subsequent trips, I would scan a batch of slides for editing. Probably three to five percent pass my self-screening for uploading but my whole collection has improved from the feedback from screeners and forum tips.

Photography primarily supports my aviation history hobby. I used to use it for reference for model building but my last modelling project has been dormant for almost three years now.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:30 am

I bought a digital camera (Olympus C-740) late 2003, rekindling a longstanding interest in photography, and started roaming all over the place taking photos. Round about the following summer I fetched up at the airport and I started taking photos of aircraft. I had been a lifelong aviation fan but it was only now that these two interests came together.

At more or less the same time I got to know about I decided to try my luck with four photos, of which two made it in. Beginner's luck: my acceptance ratio dropped close to 0 after that. But I was hooked and kept trying. How could I admit defeat when thousands of photographers had vaulted the hurdle? Slowly and painfully I began to learn the ropes and get photos into the db.

My interest in digital photography and aviation have continued to develop. Late last year I got a Canon 350D and I have very recently reached the milestone of 300 shots in the db. In spite of the frustrations I still enjoy uploading and I still punch the air when I get an acceptance, but I'm beginning to wonder what else I can do with my photos. Publishing is the obvious thing and I'm thinking of combining photography with writing, but this idea is still in the earliest of stages.
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RE: Why Did You Start Uploading At Anet?

Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:31 am

Why did you start uploading here?
-I saw how stringent the screeners were so I decided that it would be cool to say "I got a picture into" to all my friends. (Of course they don't care and think I'm crazy, but that's another story)

What brought you here? How did you find the website?
-There was a link to here (and a picture from here) on (which I found on Google) so I tried it out.

Was this website the reason you started taking photos of airliners or does your photography go back before this site was here?
-The website presented me with a challenge to get a photo on it, so I'm trying...

Does your passion and enjoyment of the site still remain as high as it was when you first joined?
-I think so. I haven't gotten any pictures up yet (but plenty of "Unfortunately we have had to reject one or more of your photos..."). The crush that comes from aforementioned emails is the only disappointment I found to uploading. Overall I still love and recommend it to every aviation geek I meet (which to date is 1).

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Helicopters Our large helicopter section. Both military and civil versions

Blimps / Airships Everything from the Goodyear blimp to the Zeppelin

Night Photos Beautiful shots taken while the sun is below the horizon

Accidents Accident, incident and crash related photos

Air to Air Photos taken by airborne photographers of airborne aircraft

Special Paint Schemes Aircraft painted in beautiful and original liveries

Airport Overviews Airport overviews from the air or ground

Tails and Winglets Tail and Winglet closeups with beautiful airline logos