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Night Spotting At PAE

Fri Aug 25, 2006 6:47 pm

I am wondering if anyone knows if the area by the Future of Flight Center is a good place to get some night shots of the Boeing ramp, or will I be chased away? Royal, maybe you can give me your two cents worth?

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RE: Night Spotting At PAE

Fri Aug 25, 2006 10:48 pm

You wont get chased away, it is a public park!

You can set a tripod up on the grass mounds and get some time exposures, I got some nifty shots of an AN124 departing at 2am.

The ramp is pretty cluttered and has lots of light poles. Matt Cawby's excellent site, www.microvoltradio.com, has lots of images of the PAE flightline, taken from the FoF and will show you the general idea.

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