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Prescreen Help Please

Mon Dec 24, 2007 9:31 pm

Here are some photos I took yesterday.

The Aeromexico shots are of the first charter flight by Sunwing into Comox. Would this have any impact on the screening of them?

Well here they are(sorry there are so many)

Here are the links in case you cant see the pics
I know that the fourth is almost definatly a motive rejection, but I thought I would see what you thought.
On the last one I have recropped the bottom with the red line out.


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RE: Prescreen Help Please

Mon Dec 24, 2007 10:04 pm

Hi Graham

Here are my comments:

#1 shot is blurry, dark, and I believe shouldn´t be framed with a portrait crop. Try also including the whole of the horizontal stabilizer next time. Also, size is off (even with the banner).
#2 could work, motivewise, but you may have to work a bit more with the quality. Also, it has too much contrast and it´s a bit too dark.
Notice that such crop doesn´t help. You should try a 3:4 if you´re going portrait, IM believe.
#3 is dark, unlevel, and a bit soft/blurry. Try a landscape crop on this one, if possible, and be careful where you cut the aircraft, because if you cut the engine in half or the titles you might probably get a motive rejection.
#4 is a motive rejection, as you say, because it isn´t clear what you´re trying to show in the image, and because I don´t know if such close-ups are accepted here.
Also, quality is not good (blurry) and the image is quite dark as well.
#5 is a very nice shot, but I think that you should have at least included the whole AM logo. I don´t know if I wouldn´t have got rid of the wing as well. Also, notice that it´s unlevel (needs CCW).

Hope it helps. Good luck with them!  thumbsup 

Cheers  Smile
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