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RE: Prescreening Help Please!

Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:07 am

Hi Mehdi,

I would say #1 is a little soft, and could do with careful editing around the wheels, the 'Visit Malaysia' titles and other high-contrast edges like flaps, which have been oversharpened and show some haloing. #2 also suffers from moderate oversharpening, with a few jaggies, that should be erased using the eraser tool and the layer sharpening method. #3 is good except for being very oversharpened, plenty of jaggies. #4 is your best edit, though it could do with a little less sharpening, or some judicious erasing of jaggies around the skids. #5 is okay, though it is by no means taken from the best angle.

Because I do not know your level of experience, I can only recommend the following workflows as a guideline:

The use of layers and sharpening is crucial to your editing for - those tutorials should help. Anything else, just let me know  Smile

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