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Spotting At LHR

Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:21 pm

Hi there,
I'll be on the HLR airport from 30th march to 2nd april and would be great if there is anyone that can provide me an ideas for spot places for a good shots.
If anyone want's to join me i'll be more than glad  Smile
I'll be on the Gatwick airport all day on 26th march and looking for spots to .
many thanks
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RE: Spotting At LHR

Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:54 pm

I can't help you with LHR, despite living a reasonably short distance away I've never been photographing there!

However, I can help you with LGW. How are you getting there? Train/car/coach? Morning or afternoon?

Tom Big grin
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RE: Spotting At LHR

Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:18 pm


I can help you out with LHR. I'm there fairly regularly and know the photography locations.

If you will be getting to LHR by train or bus then it's quite likely you'll be getting off at Hatton Cross station.

If so then its just a 5 minute walk to the spot where you photograph 27L arrivals. You will see the aircraft coming overhead and you just walk down the main road, walking past a BP petrol garage on your way down the road towards the green grassy area where many people stand and photograph.

To get to 27R from Hatton Cross its a further walk, probably about 20mins quick walk. To do this you make your way around the perimeter road going away from Hatton Cross all the time, in the direction of the BA maintenacne base, where Concorde is parked. You walk right past this on your journey round. Alternatively there are a couple of free buses that go from Hatton Cross station all around the perimeter road and a couple of these (285 and 555 i think) will get you to the other side of the airport.

LHR has a runway switch programme at 3pm each day when they use westerly runways (27L/R), so if they are using these runways whilst you are there, they'll change at 3pm from one side to the other.

Whereas if they are using 09L for landing, they will use this all day, no 3pm runway switch.

Again, a bus will get you to within walking distance of this location, but i'm not sure which ones get you there (81?)
But at the same time you can get departure/lift off shots on 09R from very near to the spot where you take your landing shots on 27L

Theres half a chance I might be about over that period, I'll give you a shout if so

Long live those beautiful Tupolevs

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