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Without Permission - Flickr Again

Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:14 pm

Again one of my photos is used without permission, this time by "Darriuss Royce" on flickr! I can only ask everyone to check out this site from time to time. It is a constant problem here and no one seems to care about. You can only ask for deletion and that´s all, no penalties to the "photographer". It is only a matter of time till you see EC-HFP on this site!

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RE: Without Permission - Flickr Again

Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:06 pm

I recently watched a Learning Channel special on "Million Dollar Planes"...On TV...(Toys of the rich and famous)...There before me flashed across full screen (while I was consuming my daily nutrition) were ten of my interior shots of private jet interiors....I was dumbfounded...and of course...NO photo credits nor verbal mention of author of photos...My images were given to the show by one of my clients that was interviewed for the show...I, not knowing this was un pleased however they were not used illegally, although that is a debatable issue as the camera rolling over my 16x20 prints that were sold to my client in the past were technically reproducing my work w/out authorization...I also might add that this particular client was very helpful in my begining years in the business...which just goes to prove...nothing is free...he just came back for his pay dirt...I probably would have had a legitimate court case...

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