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EWR/JFK/LGA Suggestions For A Rookie Spotter?

Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:51 am

Greetings all. I'm a new member, and fairly new to spotting. I've been a railfan (trainspotter) all of my life, but after years of being semi-interested in aviation, and a large number of seriously low flying departures over town, I've really become interested in spotting.

I'm hoping, could some of you possibly offer suggestions as to some good locations to do so around my home area of EWR? I have no quams about a day trip to JFK or LGA however. I have heard some horror stories about IKEA in Elizabethport though, so I'm hesitant there.

Any help?

p.s. - Should probably mention I'm more of a logbook guy than a photographer.

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RE: EWR/JFK/LGA Suggestions For A Rookie Spotter?

Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:24 am

Hello Matt,

As most stories here and in this hobby, the EWR stories are probably overblown. It is true that EWR can be a little unfriendly to spotters but if you are smart and act accordingly you will be fine. IKEA is a high visability spot but I have been able to stay there for extended periods of time without problem. If you are looking for a group thing with cameras dangling from necks you will last 15 minutes but by yourself you will ok. Stay in your car and try to park on the other side where the lot is not full of cars and don't look like a snaphappy photog. If approached by the security guard that patrols smile and be friendly and if Elizabeth PD comes be honest and give ID and asked to leave just do so. It's not like you won't ever go back there.

Here's some info from a fellow NJ spotter. You will find them helpful. None of EWR but if you have any more questions PM me. I can point you toward some other EWR spots.
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