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Ph's Choice Top15

Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:02 pm

Hi, I have a question about the subject feature.
I think I do understand the concept of voting for Ph's Choice. Any photog can vote once in every 12hours for any photo uploaded in the last 7 days. Right?
Two of my images spent several days (almost the max. 7 if I understand the concept correctly) in the top15 list accessible from below the winner photo. Does it actually mean that photogs were continuasly voting for them or they simply accumulated enough votes the first day to be able stay on the list for days. None of them ever made it to the top and the views aren't spectacular either this is why I'm wondering what the reason could be.
By the way one more question about the top15 list. Is it something I should be happy with to have my photos listed on the list? It doesn't seem like a widely explored area of the main page.
Thanks again for your replies.
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