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Pictures Of 747-200 SUD Modification In Seattle

Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:22 pm

I have a question for the real photography guys :

In 1984 KLM and UTA decided to convert their 747-200's, powered with GE CF6-50 engines, to the SUD (stretched upper deck) configuration. The converted aircraft were renamed 747-200(SUD).
During September 1984 until march 1986 the following 12 aircraft were converted (not in the right order).
- B747-206B serial numbers 21110, 21111,21549,21550,21659,21660,21848,22376,22379 and 22380.
- B747-2B3B serial numbers 22514 and 22515

Are pictures available (on the Internet or in your own database) of the ACTUAL modification in the Boeing factory in Seattle (KPAE)?
I can remember that some were publicized in KLM magazines.
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