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Real Time Guide To Photo Spots? - Sort Of.

Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:47 pm

Accurate, up to date information with regard to where it is or isn't possible to get photos, is something of a holy grail for most photographers.
Though much info on various airports is easily available on t'internet, much of it is ageing and not neccesarily reliable.
If an extra drop down could be incorporated into the upload page, wherein a description of the photo spot from where the shot was taken could be chosen, an almost real time impression of the photo possibilities at a given field could be gained.
If space is an issue, a simple numeric code could be offered, eg Photos taken from a "Publicly accessible spot within the airport grounds" (The spectator terrace at Amsterdam for instance), might be allocated a 'photo spot category 1'.
Those from "Publicly accessible areas requiring boarding pass" (Departure lounges or arrivals areas) a 'category 2'.
"Ramp photos requiring special security clearance" (Staff, Press etc) 'category 3' and so on to cover perimeter spots (sub divided to cover requirement for car/public transport, steps etc), off airport sites, car parks etc.
Used in conjunction with the date the photo was taken (no use traveling to Heathrow in the expectation of emulating a 'Cat1' shot taken from the Queens Building in 1985 for example) this could, as I said, provide a reasonably up to date idea of what opportunities are available at a given airfield.
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RE: Real Time Guide To Photo Spots? - Sort Of.

Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:29 am

Perhaps difficult to do. There's a lot of fairly reliable info on the internet as you say but I've always had success emailing photog's and getting the current low-down. I know myself how useful this is as I get an awful lot of emais requesting assistance at Malaga (somewhere I visit with great regularity and an airport from which I have many images here).

Alternatively, there's a very reliable yearly CD-ROM called Airports of the World, produced by Key Publishing. It has many photo's with descriptions on exactly how to get to the spots.


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