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Digital Camera Vs Digital Camcorder

Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:48 am

Hello all

I've notice alot of people on youtube when they take videos of their flight for take offs, landings, during inflight and taxing and parking their audio sounds way better than my audio when i did the leaving the gate, taxing to the runway and take off. I was using a digital camera for 20mins from leaving the gate to cruising altitude. My audio sounds its breaking up and listening to the Safety Video it sounded terrible on my digital camera, I posted a comment on youtube to one of the person who did a nice video of the take off and asked him if he used Digital Camera or Digital Camcorder. he told me he used digital camcorder and he knows the experience I had using the camera. What do you guys think? should I go for Digital Camcorder and which brand do you recommand? this is what he said quote and unquote " know what you mean. Iv used both and i noticed my digi camcorder would cancel out some sounds during take off, rendering the ge90 sounds into muffles. thats why i brought a new camcorder that has a hot shoe for external mics. Im hoping it can capture the most accurate sound (the sound ear hears during t/o) ". I wish I knew how to upload the video on this forum? I'm looking at buying a digital camcorder prior to my first trip to Hong Kong for next year. Please tell me what I should look for and what brand?
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RE: Digital Camera Vs Digital Camcorder

Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:14 am

As a general rule, use a video camera to take video and a still camera to take photos. It's rare to get one that does both well. Sony, Panasonic and Canon all do good quality camcorders.

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