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Help - A Few CS5 Settings Needed...

Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:36 am

Hi all,

I just made the switch to my first laptop (PC) and since I was unable to carry-over my CS3, a friend of mine let me have one license of his CS5. I wrote down my previous settings but have lost/misplaced them. Our cat has been sick these last two weeks and I've lost track of everything! (Our cat is fine now though    )

If anyone can help, here's what I need:

1) Upon opening a JPEG in CS5, under VIEW>PROOF SETUP> what should my choice be? Right now it's on MONITOR RGB.

2) When the LASSO TOOL is used, should anything be inserted into the FEATHER box? Mine says 0px. Should the ANTI-ALIAS box be checked?

3) When the SPOT HEALING BRUSH TOOL is used, what, if anything should be checked/ticked? The only thing checked on mine is CONTENT-AWARE and it's in NORMAL MODE.

4) When the CLONE STAMP TOOL is used, what should the MODE, OPACITY, and FLOW be? Mine are set at NORMAL, 100%, and 100% respectively. Also, my ALIGNED box is checked and SAMPLE is CURRENT LAYER.

My apologies for asking so many questions. Any help is appreciated!


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