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Nikon Shooters: NX2 Or Lightroom 3?

Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:08 am

I've been thinking about picking up a copy of NX2. Do any of you use it? Thoughts? I'm considering NX2 or Lightroom for dabbling. I'm a bit of a puritan with my photography, one of those purists who believes you should only crop and watermark photos with an editor, straighten at the very most. It's possible that I might start doing a little more than cropping 'n straightening. I have been doing some research and it seems there is no clear victor or leader, for Nikonians at least. Perhaps there is a difference when dealing with the unique scenarios inherent with aviation photography?

Since I've not had any utility in editing I'm currently using Picasa. (I know, I know...)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback.


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RE: Nikon Shooters: NX2 Or Lightroom 3?

Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:31 am

Lightroom 3.

Capture NX2 is slow and clunky. I have it myself, and never use it now. It's just not the right tool for mass processing, editing of photos.

Lightroom 3 is better - this coming from someone who also doesn't like Lightroom 3 (I tried it for a while, but now use CS5 Master Collection).

Yes, CNX2 supports the dust-off reference image, but that's a dubious benefit as well, for if you turn off the camera, that reference image is voided (sensor cleaning runs at startup and shutdown).

I can see no benefit to use CNX2 over Lightroom 3. CNX2 should really be a plugin for Photoshop, rather than a standalone program.

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RE: Nikon Shooters: NX2 Or Lightroom 3?

Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:09 am

I don't know anything about NX2, and I'm merely a Canon user. But I have a software crush on LR3 right now. Dan talked highly of it for a while, I finally got it a week ago, and i'm amazed at the noise reduction abilities.

I also am a longtime Picasa user, and as you probably know, the sharpening works, but is a bit rough. The sharpening on LR3 is quite smooth, although I generally export to PS4 for Smart Sharpening. I also like the lens correction profile, especially when using a UWA.

Chris, what are the advantages of CS5 over LR3? Right now I'm really psyched about LR3

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RE: Nikon Shooters: NX2 Or Lightroom 3?

Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:22 am

No difference. CS5 has the same benefits of LR3 in RAW processing (noise reduction, lens correction profiles), but otherwise - it's horses for courses, as the old saying goes.

CS5 that I have (Windows version) is the whole entire software suite with the following stuff:

After Effects CS5
Adobe Bridge CS5
Adobe Contribute CS5
Adobe Device Central CS5
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Adobe Encore CS5
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS5
Adobe Extension Manager CS5
Adobe Fireworks CS5
Adobe Flash Builder 4
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
Adobe Flash Professional CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Media Encoder CS5
Adobe OnLocation CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 bit)
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (32 bit)
Adobe Pixel Blender Toolkit 2
Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Mocha for After Effects CS5

It's basically the full suite of everything. I don't recommend that for anyone here, unless you are in the digital media industry. I get the Master Collection very cheap through a special agreement with Adobe (courtesy of my employer) - so it's very economical for me to use that (plus I have a need for that). Otherwise, that lot is enormously expensive.

Also - LR3 for me alone doesn't cut it, I need to use Photoshop to process my photos.
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RE: Nikon Shooters: NX2 Or Lightroom 3?

Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:17 pm

Neither is necessary. Get the shot right when you take it.
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