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Lithium-ion Vs Nmh Rechargable Batteries

Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:08 am

I was on the B and H Photo website the other day, checking out "goodies" to go with my D 300s; particularly a WA lens; having just about made up my mind on that "decision", I'm thinking, "I should look into getting a spare EN-EL3 battery, while I'm here"...........

Little did I realize..........!

You "Nikonians" will know, the EN-EL3 lithium-ion battery (which is 1,500 mha) is the "standard" battery for the D 300s, and with it, the body is capable of 6 fps, burst; Already knowing this, I was also thinking of buying a battery grip, and having a spare battery, ready to go. So good, so far........ Well, the Nikon grip, (like most things Nikon), goes for about $250; I "gulped", but wasn't surprised. Then, I'm looking at the EN-EL4a battery, which is a little longer, gives 2,500 mah, and, naturally, costs more than the EN-EL3e; (again, no surprise); what WAS a surprise, the bigger battery requires yet another charger, and it goes for $100 ! PLUS, being slightly longer, it also requires an additional "cap / lid" for the $250 battery grip, and this "cap / lid" is $25 or so! ( Plus about twice as much for the bigger battery)

Keeping all that in mind, my next "surprise' was a little more "pleasant"............B and H also sells an after-market battery grip, made by "Zeikos", which sells for $50; also, it includes not only a "tray" for the aforementioned EN-EL3e, but also one to hold 8 (eight) "AA" size Nmh cells, which can be purchased at any Wal-Mart for $10 for 4, (with smart charger) !
plus, eight double A's give you the same 2,500 mhh charge as the bigger battery, and with which the D 300s is capable of 8 fps burst speed.

So.......I'm wondering........any other "Nikonians" out there, who have run into this "sticky-thicket" of numbers, prices, and decisions to make ?

There were dozens and dozens of reviews on the aftermarket battery grip...........most loved it, some "liked it", and, as always, a few "hated it" . One thing is for sure.........B and H is the best there is, when it comes to taking things back if you don't like them, so I'm considering giving the Zeikos grip a try. BTW.......I think this thing is available for any number of Nikon & Canon bodies, so anyone having a "battery dilemma", check it out.

Just one more thing..........and this is totally un-related to the battery thing...........I know there are a lot of D 300 shooters on; does ANYONE have any idea what Nikon was thinking about when they decided to market the 300s with one CF card slot, and one SD card slot ? It seems to me, with all of these many "options" re:batteries, they might have offered the thing with either / or, regarding memory card preference ! ( As you may suspect, I am not a huge lover of CF cards, and their ridiculously high prices. )

Cheers and Happy New Year !
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RE: Lithium-ion Vs Nmh Rechargable Batteries

Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:44 am

HI Charley,
I have D300 with the battery grip. I use 8 rechargeable Nmh. And they have been working very well. Cheaper that the EN-EL4a. And have never caused me any problems. I would go with that combo! Not sure how good the aftermarket grips are like.

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