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Need Some Advice For Aircraft Videography

Tue Jun 14, 2011 7:10 am

I know this is a photography forum, but I’m hoping that i could find someone that also does aircraft videography here since I haven’t had much luck elsewhere.

I’m looking into getting a camera for whenever i want to record myself flying or when i go spotting, but I’m not sure on what camcorder to get. I’m set to go on a trip in two weeks on our C-123K to an air show and i really want to record it with my new camera as well, which I hope to be able to do often now.

I have three main requirements:

* It needs to have a great microphone. This is my biggest worry. All of our aircraft are prop aircraft so they have that deep pitch sound to them. My current Sony Camera, which I have been using in movie mode, has a horrible microphone which turns that beautiful roar into a high pitch whine. I can’t afford this to be the same with this camcorder.
* I need to be as close as possible to a 200-400 dollar budget.
* Good video quality.

Our last camcorder took VHS tapes and hasn’t been used in years, so I’m not sure how things have progressed since then and who make the best camcorders now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Tyler
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