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Metering In D7000

Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:58 am

What is the best meter mode for aviation shots for D7000? I never had issue with my previous cameras, but this one overexposes for shots of planes in day time while using matrix metering. I read many similar issues on the net.
I have tried center weighted and it stops the overexposure problem.

What do other D7000 shooters use?
Matrix with negative EV or center weighted?
Also in the center weighted , what is the diameter of the circle you choose 6mm, 8mm....?

I can do trial and error but would like to know how others do, so I can use it as a starting point.

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RE: Metering In D7000

Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:25 am

I shoot manual mode mostly so it's not a problem usually but when I use shutter priority I leave it on matrix and dial in some negative EV if the sun is bright. For lower light shots it doesn't seem to be an issue though. I haven't played with the center weighted metering enough to learn its nuances. IMO, trial and error is the best way to learn the equipment and there really is no 'best' way. There is at least a 100 roads to Rome.

I must say though, the d7000 is a marvel. I'm getting crisp 1500-1600 pixel pics with very little noise and very accurate colors.
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