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Zurich Visit

Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:00 pm

Hello everyone, is my first post and I want to introduce myself.

I'm Andrés from Barcelona, Spain. I was started on airplane spotting around one year ago and I come from tran spotting. I love the air world for a long time and finally I decided to start in my spotting experience and I got my cabin crew license. In some time I wish to get my PPL.

Well, I'm going to start to talk about the issue of that thread.

I'm going en less than two weeks to Zurich and I'm going to stay there for 4 days and I decided to visit on sunday morning the Airport (I'll arrive on friday night and leave on wednesday night) because I wrote to the airport and the told me that on 1st decembre they're going to re-open the Pier B Observation Deck and I'll be able to take the sightseeing tour bus.

I have a couple of questions. The first one is to know which lens do you recommend me to use at this observation deck? Because I have only a 18-200mm (unfortunatelly I can't buy another better, but I hope that in 10 month more or less I'll be in a new job and I could buy another one) and I'm thinking on rent one for my Zurich's visit.

Otherwise, anyone of you made the bus tour? Airport contact person told me that I'll be able to take pictures from the viewing point placed in the runway crossing point. Do you know for how many time I could be there?

Any other recommendation for my visit to Zurich Kloten Airport?

Thanks a lot and excuse me for my english, it past a lot of time since I wrote english last time.
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RE: Zurich Visit

Tue Nov 22, 2011 11:09 pm

Hi Andres

You should be fine with 18-200mm from the observation deck for taxi shots. Too less for rwy 16 TO, but during the bustour you will get the chance to be closer to all the action. The tour stops at the intersection of rwy 28 and 16. I think the stop is around 20 minutes. Below a spotting guide. After 11:00 am you want to be at the Heliportgrill cause of the light - 18 -200mm is enough there. Enjoy ZRH +

Cheers , Robin
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RE: Zurich Visit

Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:04 am

Hi Robin,

Thanks a lot for your reply and info. I found lots of spotting guides but the best one i read is the one you sent me.

I hope to spend a very nice day and take nice shots I could share with airliners people.

Cheers, Andres.

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