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Spotting At An AFB? (Florida, Carlifornia)

Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:02 pm


In March 2012, I am going to visit Florida and I would love to take photos of some military planes.  
I am going to be in Tampa, Orlando and also in Miami.
To find air force bases or coast guard bases is quite easy. (Google Earth)
But I have no idea about their traffic. Which planes normally come there? Are there even any "big" bases?
When I was in Tampa in summer, I saw some KC135 landing at Mac Dill.
In summer, I am going to see San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego as well.

It would be awesome if you can tell me something about spotting at an Air Force Base or give me some tips,
which place would be worth to visit or just tell me who I should ask.  

Thank you very much.  

Best regards,
Nicolas Kaemmerer
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RE: Spotting At An AFB? (Florida, Carlifornia)

Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:50 am

Depending on where in Germany you are from you may have spotted at Ramstein before I'm not sure. If you have security first of all will probably be like that maybe a little more "what are you doing and why are you taking pictures kinda attitude". Most security forces are kids so be ready for them to come up to you not knowing the law. As long as you are off the base you can take photos off whatever you want. If you step on base, that's another story. About what traffic you are likely to see. That all depends on which air wing is based there. You might see fighters all day or you might see transport c130/c17 like you do here at Ramstein. This is just from my own personal experience. Alot of bases in the states are not that busy so I would make your choices ahead of time.
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RE: Spotting At An AFB? (Florida, Carlifornia)

Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:38 am

I found scramble to be an excellent database to get a good overview for airfields in the whole world. To get alle the infos you need to be a member, but some airfieldguides are open to public ... check it out, lots of infos on spots and what to expect ...

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