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Anyone Spotting At HKT On 2 & 3-Mar?

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:06 pm

Same as for the question I raised about spotting at Bangkok Survarnabhumi, I am asking for some help on spotting at Phuket. As it is about different airports, starting separate topics about them made sense to me.

As for my BKK topic, I am wondering if there would be any spotters on site in Phuket on 2nd and 3rd of March. I will be there and hope to take some nice pictures of aircraft. If the wind direction helps me a little bit I know there is the possibility of great approach shots over the sea/beach. I was impressed by those.
I have also come across some taxi shots, but I do not know from where they were taken. They were not taken from the surrounding hills, but the photographer seemed to be more or less level with the aircraft. Maybe during taxiing towards the start of the runway, near the beach? I do not know. Any further information that is helpful would be appreciated.

I have seen a picture (on the other website with lots of aircraft pictures) of spotters along a fence at Phuket, standing right next to a sign telling "Do not take a photograph with out AOT permission". That is a picture that sends a mixed message. I know I am a bit of an authority-fearing person, so when a sign states not to do something, I will not do it. But ... it might also be a nice place for some taxi and line-up shots?

So ... anyone?



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