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BOS Logan Advice.

Mon May 14, 2012 5:57 am

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for some advice from people familiar with logan (KBOS). I'm headed down there on the 24th and would like to do some photographing. I'm looking for some good locations around 10am-1pm. I know lighting won't be optimal just past 11 (or maybe even a bit earlier) but I'm looking for optimal locations in that time span. How would the lighting from constitution beach be for the 22's around that time? Would Coughlin Park be ok for 27 around those times as well? I'm banking on weather favoring either of those three runways because I'm only aware of Coughlin Park, Constitution Beach, Bayswater bridge and park for photography around Logan. I'm also curious about focal lengths. I have a 70-200... would that be enough for filling the frame from the locations I mentioned?

I really appreciate the help! I've never been there to take photos but I've read a few things and seen some fantastic shots here on the net. I'm just looking to make the most of my 3 hour window because I don't get to go down there that often so I'd rather spend that time taking photos than running around trying to find the best position, so I thought I'd ask the experts who get to spend a lot of time down there! I'm excited for the chance to get down to BOS because I'm limited to MHT for the most part!

kind regards,

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