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Alicante (ALC) Spotting Advice

Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:39 pm


Next Tuesday 5th of March I'll be flying to Alicante for a one-day spotting trip. I have rented a car for the day , so I should be able to reach the spotting locactions around ALC airport, especially those located south of the runway.

I was wondering however if there are any photo locations on the site of the airport terminal itself (preferably not from behind glass). The reason is that have given myself the challenge of taking photos of the aircraft I arrive with, once it departs from ALC after the turnaround & taking photos of the aircraft that will fly me back home, during landing at ALC.

I'm afraid that the normal turnaround times won't be sufficient for picking up my rental car and driving to the photo spots south of the runway, nor for driving back to the terminal, delivering the car and checking in for the flight back home. I could live with no arrival shots, but if I'm well- organised I just might get departure shots of my inbound aircraft inthe morning.

Also, I was wondering what kind of air traffic movements to expect next Tuesday. Does ALC get any heavies (from North or South America), or other interesting movements?

Any other tips regarding photography at ALC are greatly appreciated (eg peak departure/arrival times, interesting movements, tips regarding weather forecast,...)!

Best regards,
Ivan Coninx - Brussels Aviation Photography

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